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Where do I enter? 

Enter your projects for consideration on the awards entry site.

Am I limited to how many team members I list on my entry?

No. There is an option to add anyone with a title that is not already in the pull-down menu. We know you want to give credit where credit is due!


Can I submit the same art in more than one category?

Yes. The components of an integrated campaign may be entered SEPARATELY into individual categories. However, each entry requires it's own entry form and entry fee.


Do entrants have to be a company in Colorado?

There should be some Colorado connection - either the client company does business in Colorado (the company does not have to be headquartered in Colorado), or the agency has a presence in Colorado.


Do I have to fill out all FOUR criteria sections?

If you want to win - it's best to answer all four criteria: selling proposition/objectives, target audience, strategy, and results.


How do the judges score my entry?

Each judge uses four measurements to score your entire entry, including all of its components: the four criteria answers, PDF(s), and website(s). They assign a score of 0 to 25 in each of the following: creative, execution, strategy, and results. The accumulated total score for the entry can be up to 100.


I'm not sure what category my work should be entered in.

Potporri is the catch-all category. The judges can move an entry into another category if they feel the need warrants it.


In what format do we submit our print entries?

We accept multiple PDF files for each entry. However, each PDF is limited to 5 MB in size. The judges will review all PDF files online.


What are the photos used for?

Photos are an integral part of your entry. They provide a first look at what the entry is about. They are also used in the list of winners and at the awards event. You can upload up to two photos with captions for each entry. Just be aware that all photos are resized to 600 pixels wide at 72 dpi for load performance.


What if I can't find my question & answer here?

First, try the help files on the awards entry site by clicking on the book with the question mark. Anyone on the Contact list can address any question not addressed by help files!


What if I don't know how to report results?

Results can be measured in many different ways. Numbers, percentages, sales goals and other metrics are always nice - but not always available. Think of results in different ways - did you meet or exceed your goals/objectives? Did your client or colleagues give you feedback?

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