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The Marketing Alliance (TMA) is proud to be the leading Colorado marketing association that annually recognizes the very best in marketing communications. Below are a few tips to help you prepare the best possible entry for this year's Fourteeners.

Components of a Successful Fourteener Entry

Keep in mind that the four components of judging are weighted evenly, with each of these factors accounting for 25% of the possible points. Your entry should address each of them!

  1. creativity

  2. execution

  3. strategy

  4. results (important!)

Common Entry Errors

Our online entry process will step you through the requirements of a successful entry. Please avoid the following common entry errors:

  1. No results given. There are many ways to "measure" success. What was your objective when you started the campaign or project? Be sure to reflect on those in your submission.

  2. Enter the award category or categories that best match your marketing program. Please note the guidelines posted, and reference the FAQs for tips on acceptable entries.

  3. Incomplete entries. You may revisit and modify your entries at any time between the kickoff and the extended deadline.

  4. Missed deadlines. Don't forget to complete your online entry by the extended deadline.

Helpful Hints

The online entry process is SIMPLE, but be sure to follow the rules. Refer to the HELP files () for additional guidance.

  1. Make sure that any attachments or links submitted can be opened by the judges!

  2. Be sure to address all four components in your narrative.

  3. Check that your file(s) can be uploaded. Individual PDFs are limited to 5MB in size. You are not limited to the number of PDFs that can be uploaded.

  4. Remember your audience: how would you explain your entry to a stranger in two minutes or less? Focus on the key components of the campaign with a succinct narrative.

Tips for Success

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